May 24, 2011

REVIEW: Dead Girls Are Easy

Title: Dead Girls Are Easy
Author: Terri Garey
Series: Nicki Styx (book 1)

Nicki has never been an ordinary girl. With her goth-vintage style, the pink streaks in her black hair and her love for leather and lace, she doesn´t take crap from anybody. And she knows what she wants. She is perfectly happy with working in the vintage clothing store she owns and with having fun with her gay BFF.

And then she dies.

And returns back to life.

And now she sees dead people.

After coming over the first shock, she finds out that delivering messages from dead old ladies is not that bad after all. Especially when the sexy doctor who saved her life writes a paper about near-death experiences and wants to spend time with her.

But then her neighbour Caprice is murdered and her ghost starts to haunt Nicki and it definitely isn´t a friendly spirit. In order to get rid of her, Nicki has to learn more than she ever wanted to know about voodoo, priestesses, ritual sacrifices and evil spirits who want to steal one´s soul. And in all the chaos, she needs to convince her sexy doctor that she is not crazy.

Doctor Joe Bascombe is immediately attracted to the crazy girl who died under his hands. He just can´t let her go out of his life even if she seems to be his exact opposite – too crazy, too independent and afraid of any commitments. And having a strange habit of visiting graveyards after sunset. But as Nicki soon discovers, the good doc has some big secrets of his own.

My thoughts:

I immediately fell in love with the characters. They were fun and especially the dialogues between Nicki and her gay BFF Evan made me laugh. Nicki reminds me of Tabby from the Dark Hunters series and I liked her from the beginning. Doc Joe is the right combination of a sexy doctor who always tries to find reasonable explanations for all the events around Nicki and a man who is willing to accept Nicki as she is and pushing his boundaries for her.

The writing style is easy and funny, with some places that are darker (Caprice´s nasty spirit) and some that are more serious (Nicki´s dialogues with her new shrink about the near-death experience). The romance was average and was not the main focus of the book which was not a bad thing. Overall I really enjoyed the book. It is a perfect read for a sunny summer afternoon :-) I will definitely pick the next book in the series.

My rating: 3,5*


  1. I have added this one to my to-read list...of course I'm not going to read it until I finish my assignments! *hint hint*