June 18, 2011

REVIEW: Personal Demons by Stacia Kane

Title: Personal Demons
Author: Stacia Kane
Series: Megan Chase (book 1)

Megan Chase is a psychologist with her own radio show. She is also a psychic - able to "read" her patients´ thoughts, memories and personality in general in order to help them. But now her boss starts using a new marketing campaign, introducing Megan as the one who "slays all your personal demons". And the real personal demons don´t like that at all! The only person able to help her is the mysterious Greyson Dante, a demon with his own interests.

This book started good and promising. The writing style is really good, easy to read and with enough dialogues. What didn´t work for me were the characters and the story itself and I became bored to the end.. In my opinion it would have come out much better if it would be written in a less serious way. The characters would be great for a funny and humorous kind of book (similar to Nicki Styx series) - the little personal demons sitting on everyone´s shoulder, Megan´s three new demon bodyguards with their childish behavior as well as the whole idea of a demon slaying radio psychologist. But no, this book took itself serious and the main heroine was not interesting enough for that.

If you are looking for a strong female lead, a kick-ass heroine, this is not the right book. If you are looking for a sarcastic, independent heroine, this is not the right book either. Megan was mediocre, always being forced by everybody to do something. Yes, she had her "anger issues" which fueled her powers but still, she was not interesting enough. I just like my heroines strong and with attitude.

I was hoping for some big twist in the end that will reveal what really happened in Megan´s past that was so important that some of the strongest demons were after her.. and came out really disappointed.

So as I said, this book had great potential if it was written in a different way. I probably won´t pick the next one in this series. I really liked Mrs. Kane´s writing style though so I will definitely check out her other series (Downside Ghosts).

My rating: 3*

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