April 30, 2011

Willing Victim - Cara McKenna

Title: Willing Victim
Author: Cara McKenna
Genre: Contemporary / Erotica

HP WARNING! HP WARNING! HP WARNING!This story is HOT. Hotter than hell.
Not only did I have to change panties after reading Willing Victim, I even had to change my P A N T S. True story.

For the past couple years Laurel's been coasting, hiding in the backseat while her life drifts off course. Then one summer afternoon a tall, built bruiser named Flynn strides in and steers her straight into an infatuation she never saw coming.
Flynn introduces Laurel to things she’s never imagined before—to the violent but exciting realm of the underground boxing circuit, to rough sex and even rougher role-playing, and to an attraction she craves even as it intimidates her. As Flynn invites her deeper into his world and his life, Laurel has to make a choice—let fear keep her holed up where it’s safe, or take a chance and fight for the man who makes her feel more alive than she’d dreamed possible.

Whoever is out there, unholy or otherwise…
Please hear my prayer.

I am ruined. Completely and utterly ruined.
I am accepting my place in this world as the forever single woman.
I am FOREVER RUINED for all mortal men out there!
*waves buh-bye to white picket fences, future kiddies etc etc*
For I have finally found my McDreamy. My Mr Right. The One.
And he’s a frickin’ fictional character in a book!

The brilliant Cara McKenna has penned with even more brilliant words the Ultimate Man. For me.
An arrogant, blunt, cocky caveman. Caring only for those closest to him. Sexy and stacked with blue eyes. A fighter. With a thing for mean and rough sex. That kind of caveman.
<Yes, I find the knuckle-dragging – pull my hair – Neanderthal very attractive>

But I fear that I will never know the bliss of finding my own caveman, so therefor I ask You…nah, I’m begging really...find a real life Flynn for me! Send him my way! I’ll do anything. <Desperate much? Heh>

If you, dear reader, feel that the really intimidating and bossy man is your cup of tea – read-devour-savor this book. McKenna has a simple yet captivating way with her words. A neck-grabbing, never letting go kind of way even though the story was simple, short and to the point. But OH SO GOOD.
A story made of dark, forbidden fantasies and desires.
This HP has never been more pleased.
I felt and wanted everything the story was giving me.

Flynn is not Prince Charming, that's for sure.
He's way too intense for that. Too alpha and in-your-face brutal.
Bad-boy paradise come true. And he has his sweet, oh so sweet, moments.
Like Laurel, our heroine, thinks: "You are some f****d-up kind of magical."
I found the characters believable, the dialog hot, smart and funny, and I couldn't ask for more in such a gritty, dark and sizzling hot romance like this one. I am a Willing Victim.

There is one gigantic flaw though – IT’S TOO DAMN SHORT!
I screamed NO! out loud when I turned the last page.
I went to bed horny and pissed off.

My rating: Five. Burning. Hot. Stars.

Reader advisory: Although all of the sexual acts in this story are 100% consensual, it contains role-playing scenarios that may upset some readers who are sensitive about rape, even in a simulated capacity.


  1. I really enjoyed Dirty Thirty by her..(thanks again Jess) ;)so with that in mind I can't wait to read this one. Nice review!

  2. This book was AMAZING!!!! My HP will NEVER be the same!

  3. OMG O M G . . I dont know if iam excited or scared, but I sure as hell am gonna find out :-)
    Thanx for great review XOXOX