August 2, 2011

Unworthy or...

Is my TBR pile getting TOO BIG?
Well, in my world nothing is too big.
Big is beautiful.
Time, however, is another matter.
I know I said I was going to do the superambitious re-read of the ENTIRE Dark-Hunter series.
I started it; I read about Sebastian, Julian, Kyrian and I got down and dirty with Talon. Well, almost.
But I have come to realize that I don't possess the focus that is needed for this re-read.
It's Sundown's day today. I have Breeds calling my name. Vamps who want suck my neck.
I have a ton of hot immortals who wants me. And I want them.
So I admit defeat and confess that I do not have the time for my precious Dark-Hunters.
Please, forgive me.

I'm off to battle with my TBR pile now, wish me luck!


  1. I feel the same!! I REALLY wanted to do the Dark Hunters re-read but.. there are too many new hot immortals to meet!!

  2. There are just too many fantastic books for us to read on our TBRs! Maybe re-reads are a thing of the past?????