July 8, 2011

ARC: Body of Sin by Eve Silver

Title: Body of Sin
Author: Eve Silver
Series: The Otherkin (book 4)

This is the 4th book in Eve Silver´s great Otherkins series. If you haven´t read these books yet, do it!

The series is different from the usual PNR, darker and seductive, based on the egyptian mythology and with great characters. The Krayl brothers are the most powerful soul reapers, the sons of the most feared Underworld god, Sutekh, the Lord of chaos. Half humans, half gods they are immortal. Until one of them, Lokan is murdered. Now Dagan, Alastor and Mal do anything to find their brother´s murderer and revenge him.

The books in the series so far:
1. Sins of the Heart (Dagan)
2. Sins of the Soul (Alastor)
3. Sins of the Flesh (Mal)

A little trailer:

I was lucky to get the ARC of the last book in this series - Body of Sin (yay me!!) which comes out on August 23rd.

SPOILER WARNING: Don´t read this review if you haven´t read the first 3 books yet!


This was a nice ending of the series. At least for now because I have the feeling there will be more books :-)

Lokan Krayl used to be the most powerful soul reaper, the right hand of his father, Sutekh. He wasn´t supposed to die, ever. But he did. Betrayed and murdered, his soul was lost forever in the Null Zone, not alive and not dead.

"The blood of Sutekh. The blood of Aset. And the god will walk the world once again."

That´s the prophecy that got Lokan killed. In the last book, Dagan, Mal and Alastor managed to save him by putting all the parts of his body and soul back together. I was expecting to see Lokan back with vengence! But that didn´t happen until the end of the book, so if you are like me, consider yourself warned.

So Lokan is now back but still trapped in the Underworld. The only way to come back is to pass the 12 Gates of his eternal enemy Osiris but that´s harder than it seemed. In order to help him, he is given a guide. To his biggest surprise it´s Brynn, the mother of his child who he believed to be human. But Brynn is so much more! So now Lokan has to put his fate into the hands of the woman who lied to him the entire time.

I really appreciated the flashbacks how Lokan and Brynn met and how their daughter Dana was conceived. I loved Lokan. He would do anything to save Dana. She was his world. He died for her. And now he is reunited with the woman he loves but Brynn has her own secrets. She knows that by helping Lokan to pass the Gates, she will be trapped in the Underworld forever. But she does it to protect their child. I was cheering for them the entire time. Their lovestory was full of sacrifices and they really deserved some hapiness.

I loved how this book ended. Seeing Lokan reunite with his brothers brought tears to my eyes. But what I really loved the most was how the author solved the things between Lokan and his father and how she wrapped all the things up. Bravo!!

My only complaint is that the book ended pretty abruptly, I wanted to see more! But since in this book we got to know new characters - Brynn´s three brothers - I am pretty sure Mrs. Silver is not done with the series yet :-)

My favorite quote (it´s from the flashbacks, when Lokan found out that he has a daughter):
Then his daughter opened her eyes - her denim blue eyes - and looked straight at him. His heart shattered into a million pieces, then re-formed with her image at its core.


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