July 29, 2011

Review: Primal Bonds

The second installment of the Shifter's Unbound Series, was just as great as the first. Once meeting Sean in Liam's book, I was pumped for his own book, thankfully I didn't have to wait and the author delivered! I loved that Sean mate-claimed Andrea prior to even meeting her in person, and instantly he was drawn to her. I also enjoyed the new aspect to the Shifter life, the Fae. I am hoping that in future books, that we will get to see more of the conspiring from the Shifters against the humans. I am absolutely drawn to the Irish/ Celtic history woven into the story-line, and the intriguing Sun and Moon ceremonies, which are like a wedding ritual for the Shifters.
I also hope that future installments, we get to see the growth of the same characters from these two books. I can't wait to see Kim and Liam's cub as well as the quickly mentioned Sean and Andrea's cub. Plus! I want to see more of Dylan and Glory!

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  1. ive had this one since it came out.. but so far its not grabbing my attention enough to have me dig it out of my TBR pile.. i think im going to have to now! (and wildcat is the next book and it sounds awesome)