July 6, 2011

Review: The Granite Lake Wolves

First of all...can I get an Amen for www.goodreads.com? I never would have found this series without the goodness that is Goodreads.

Now that I got that out of the way, let's talk about some wolves, shall we? This is a short, five story series. (I know the picture only shows three of the books...Google doesn't always give you what you want).

This series focuses on a pack of wolves that reside at Granite Lake. There are your typical wolves actions: hot sexy men that can change into wolves, super scent noses, lifetime mates and super hot wolf sex.

As a reader, I have certain expectations for a story. If the story is short then I expect quick character development, quick feelings of love and quick hot sex. This author delivers on all my expectations. High five to Vivian Arend.

If you are looking for some quick reads about some hot wolves then check this series out.

The stories are:
  1. Wolf Signs (the lead female is deaf. How cool is that???)
  2. Wolf Flight
  3. First Howl (this is a super duper short story...it barely counts)
  4. Wolf Games
  5. Wolf Tracks (my favorite of the series)
My overall rating: 4.25 hot sexy wolf stars!

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