February 9, 2011

Good Reads Reading Challenge!

By the end of this year, I will have ( MUST! ) read 111 books!

*Sonia sneaks in* You can do it, Mama!!! If somebody can, it´s YOU!!! *high 5* I only have 75 books and I am doing good so far!! YAY!!! Can you imagine all the hotness in 111 books? *starts daydreaming*

*Vhampy whispers on the wind* the hotness of 111 books will cause so many sparks in your barn. You will never be the same...


  1. good luck ladies!! (im at 98 so far this year)

  2. Thank you! Actually when I look at my progress, I might level up the stakes and change it to 111 :-)

  3. You Can Do It!!.. heck, go for broke and do 200!

  4. *laughing* No way could I read 200!!! Not with going to work.. LOL