February 11, 2011


Author: Darynda Jones
Serie: Charley Davidson (book 1)
Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Reviewed by: Sonia

I picked this book because J.R. Ward recommended it and let´s be honest, the cover is cool.. LOL

This is a not an urban fantasy and not a paranormal romance and yet somehow it is both. But if I had to choose, I would say it´s paranormal mystery. Charley Davidson is a PI, a police consultant and the grim reaper. Yup, she is a portal that dead people use to cross over. She also remembers everything since the day she was born and understands every language in the world.

Charley is so sarcastic that you immediately start to like her. The book starts with a case of three dead lawyers, a lost kid and an innocent man in prison. Charley is trying to help her uncle with the investigation and is also trying to figure out why she´s having incredibly vivid and intense sensual dreams involving a hot mysterious stranger every single night. Is the man a ghost? A memory? Or is he something entirely different? As the story goes, Charley starts to discover the greater truth about her past and about her mission while trying to solve three murders and dealing with dead people all the time. The end of the book comes too fast and leaves us with a HUGE cliffhanger that makes you run to Amazon and check the release date for the second book.

And then there is Reyes. *sigh* Yes, you could not write about this book and not mention him. What could I really say about a non-corporeal being who gives Charley mind-blowing orgasms every night and can seduce her during the day in a room full of people.. He is HOT, with capital letters. And he is dangerous. And he has the tendency to rip off the spinal cords of people who try to kill Charley. But is he a protector or is he Charley´s greatest enemy? And what exactly is he? That´s the question of the day. Have I said too much? Believe me, there is so much more about him!

This book was like a fresh breeze on a spring day, fast-paced and easy to read, full of sarcastic humor and dead people :-) This is a really great start for a series that you won´t forget :-) The ending just left me wanting more and wanting it asap! So if you want something surprisingly different, you will not be disappointed!