February 12, 2011

Review: Jacob's Faith by Lora Leigh.

Title: Jacob's Faith
Author: Lora Leigh
Series: The Breeds
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by: Anna

For those of you who have not read the Breeds before, here's a short summary:
In a not so distant future - men, women and children are used in cruel genetic experiments to be created into what man thinks will be the ultimate assassin. Using the DNA of the strongest, most cunning animals known to mankind they thought they could create the perfect puppet to control. Cold, heart-less and without conscience.
They were wrong.

This series is HOT. Always have been and, I guess, always will be.
Unfortunately, Lora Leigh is very uneven in her writing in this series.
At least in my opinion.
The books prior to this one (with one exception) have been easy, thigh-clenching reads. Not so much with this one.

I would've liked to given you a short rundown of the story but I can't.
Because there was no storyline.
All we get to find out is that Jacob left Faith six years ago and now she can't get over that and has to bitch and moan about it every five seconds. Oh, and she's obsessed with her vibrators.
Can't . Stop. Talking. About. Them.
So she's in heat and is becoming a problem to their Pack. She gets tricked into finding Jacob in what she believe is in a business-related manner. It's not.
Let the horizontal mambo commence.
I don't mind sex scenes, I really don't. I say bring it!
These scenes on the other hand and the quantity of it - no thank you. The lack of finess, the constant repeat of the same words - page after page after page - let's just say I got bored. It's in the last 40 pages or so that you get a little more story - a new set of Breeds are prestented but that's about it.
And Jacob finally realizes that he loves Faith. Big surprise. HUGE!

Eww caused by: "The frothy, bubbling brew that seeped from her seared his flesh."
Poor girl. Her honey pot is not well.
Due to bad writing, lack of storyline and finess in this book, I give Jacob's Faith:

My rating: ¤


  1. So, can I skip this one when I read this series, or are they a MUST READ IN ORDER kinda thing... because that EWWW.. sounds gross.

  2. Personally, I think you can skip this one.
    It didn't add to the story at all!

  3. Ok, I am definitely going to skip this one once I return to the Breeds..

  4. This book is out of stock everywhere, I was actualy a bit sad because I didn't want to skip, but now... I'm definitely going to skip it :)

  5. I finally read it and even though the Honey Pot was unwell and I was TIRED of hearing about vibrators, I'm glad I read it because:

    1) we meet additional members of the Breeds that will be in future books
    2) Aiden--I've got my eye on him
    3) Winged Breeds!!!! SHAZZAM!!!!