February 15, 2011

Review: Mirrorlight by Jill Myles

Title: Mirrorlight
Author: Jill Myles
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Short story, HOT!

Review by Jackie

Cora is the lucky woman who is abandoned in a haunted castle in England and it is only she that can see the mystery man in the mirror. Aric, the name alone is HOT, just imagine the rest of him being trapped in a mirror. What would you do to touch this man, to feel his breath on your neck, to hear his voice?

"A man that had dark eyes and wild, thick hair and great shoulders. He had a massive span to his shoulders, almost like a wrestler, the thick triangle of his shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist with no fat on it, only ripples of muscle. The drawstring of his leggings hung loose, dipping below his navel and revealing a dark trail of hair that led downward, down to a rather explicitly large bulge in his leggings. Oh my."

This is a short novella by Jill Myles, and like her other books, this does not disappoint only in the fact that it is much too short. Jill always writes the most amazing, sizzling HOT scenes but at the same time manages to pull at your heart strings.

Rating: me likey-likey!


  1. I need to read this one! You know I love some Ms. Myles!

  2. Miss Vhampy .. cause I'm nasty ... Sonia is borrowing it right now but you're welcome to borrow it from the Library of Jackie once I get it back :)

  3. Library of Jackie, hell yes!!! Yes, Jackie borrowed me the book yesterday, I´ll be trying to read it soon so you can have it, Vhampy :-)