February 22, 2011

Review: Sweeter than Wine by Bianca D'Arc

Title: Sweeter than Wine
Author: Bianca D'Arc
Genre: Sexy Vamp, Hot Were

Review by Jackie

What if you had the chance to get even with the very one who hurt you? With the help of a Vampire and a Were, Christy gets to do just that. A victim of spouse abuse, Christy is beaten and left for dead. Sebastian (the name is Sexy, is it not?) is the Vampire who has loved Christy from afar, always keeping his distance out of respect for her marriage. But once he discovers that she lays dying, he is given the chance to prove his love. Turning her into a Vampire is the only way to save her and that is how Christy begins her new life. Wanting to give Christy every advantage with her new life, he calls on his Were friend, Matt, to share his powers and abilities with her. HOW he shares these gifts with Christy .. well, now that's worth reading for!!

"If she had to give it a name, she'd say that Matt smelled like carnal lust while Sebastian was outright sin."

I, for one, don't really care for threesomes but this one was different. The author takes great care in writing both the incredible HOT scenes as well as those that leave you saying, "awwwwww"! For the first time, at least for me, I honestly felt that the three of them genuinely cared for one another ... loved one another.

There are chapters in this book that are so HOT it will have you desperately trying to uncurl your toes while others will have you looking around for that damn box of tissue!


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