February 14, 2011

Review: Bonded by Blood by Laurie London

Title: Bonded by Blood
Author: Laurie London
Series: Sweetblood (Book one)
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by: Melissa

This is the first book of Laurie London's new Sweetblood series. This story is between Dominic and Mackenzie. Dominic (or Dom as he is often referred to) is a Guardian enforcer who protects humanity against the Darkbloods, a group of vampires who kill like their ancestors. Mackenzie is a movie location scout who has a rare blood type (called the sweetblood by the vampires) that is nearly irresistible to them. Both Mackenzie and Dominic have their own struggles and losses that they need to overcome, as appropriate for most PNR romance. So, that's the simple summary. I am trying not to give any spoilers because for a new author, I actually enjoyed the book a lot.

Now, my opinion...

The good.... I loved both Dom and Mackenzie. The were both strong, smart, sexy and interacted very well with other. Although, the romance did take off pretty fast ( which was fine with me), I did sense their relationship grow along with the trust. The communicated verbally each others worries and fears and for that, the relationship seemed more genuine.The bedroom scenes were steamy and there was definitely a romantic and humorous side to Dominic. ;-) Mackenzie was awesome. She drives a motorcycle, and loves hello kitty. LOL. I love fun characters. There were a couple of side characters I liked, as well. The writing was good and flowed well. I found myself wanting to get back to the book many times and to me, that means it is a winner.

The not so good...There wasn't really a lot not to like. This does follow the typical PNR romance with a happily ever after and although it does have a slightly different take on vampires, you can only go so far with originality. Example being that the vampires are called Enforcers and Guardians and the work though an agency and they protect humans. I'm really stetching it here because I did like it alot.

Fans of Jeaniene Frost will probably like onjoy this book. Book two (Embraced by Blood) comes out in July 2011.


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