February 8, 2011

Who are we and why we choose to blog.

Who are we? A group of amazingly intelligent and sexy women from all over the world who love everything about books. There are not many things that are better than the smell of a brand new book in our hands, the feeling when we first touch it and move our fingers over the cover, the excitement when we imagine the story waiting to be revealed to us, the characters we are going to meet (Yes, we consider our books as lovers).. Our drug of choice is the paranormal world, everything from vampires to weres, from angels to demons.. We just love immortal men! Yes, we are hardcore book nerds, proud of it and we want the world to know it!
And we are possessive about our men (especially some of us..) so be careful ;-)

Let us introduce ourselves!

Anna a.k.a. Mama Smurf - a 23 year-old (soon 24) Swede with an obsessive-possessive-personality, when it comes to my immortals at least. HEHEHEE.
Got seriously bitten by Paranormal Romance when I (by accident/faith) picked up
Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon a couple of years ago.
I've been fanged in the head ever since.
And by the way, Ash is MINE.
Anyway, when I'm not glued to my books I spend my days like every other girl; drooling over hot guys, spending time with friends and family, FACEBOOK, trying to figure out what to do with my short mortal life.
Right now I'm happy daydreaming my life away - my head is a very exciting place to be! Favorite daydream? My delicious harem; Ash, Wrath, Raphael, Bones, Bluebell, Rhage, V, Hawke - ALL OVER ME. Imagine that!
Favorite authors: J.R Ward, Nalini Singh, Sherrilyn Kenyon. They're geniuses and have written some of the best series ever made.

Sonia a.k.a. Mrs. Raphael - living an exciting life in a world where vampires and angels exist.. with several hot immortal men around me all the time living only to please me.. Seriously!! You don´t believe me? You better do! Real world is boring so why should I live THERE?! Pfffft...
You better don´t touch MY Vlad or MY Raphael or things get nasty!! Yes, I am one of the possessive ones! And I also claim Bones, Vishous, Wrath, Judd, Talon, Sin, Savitar, Vane and Damon Salvatore!
Coming from Slovakia where I´ve lived almost all my 29-years long life.. spending it with my books as often as possible.
Which series are my TOP? Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R.Ward, Dark Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Night Huntress and Night Huntress World by Jeaniene Frost, Guild Hunter and Psy Changelings by Nalini Singh.. and many others! My to-read list is neverending and always growing, especially after meeting my sisters :-) And I totally love it!

Jackie a.k.a. Akra - Being one of the older "sisters" in this most fabulous group of women, you will see that I don't have the patience for a bad book. Nope, won't even finish it .. will simply move on to the pile of "to be read" books that await me.

When I'm not busy fighting with Mama over MY Wrath and Acheron, I am always enjoying the company of my Sisters and meeting meeting new, bad-ass Immortals.

JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jill Myles and Nalini Singh are my most favorite mother-in-laws but I'm always on the lookout for hubby #5 so watch out girls!

Angie a.k.a. Miss Vhampy - My name is Angie but you may call me Vhampy or Miss Vhampy if you are nasty! I am a late bloomer when it comes to all the delicious things known as paranormal hotness. My life changed just a few short years ago when a co-worker mentioned a certain book series about vampires called The Black Dagger Brotherhood. My life was never the same.

I am so blessed to have found my Immortal Sisters and every day we share the love of books and our hot immortals. I love my sisters!

Some of my favorite series include, BDB, Dark-Hunters, Breeds, Demonica, IAD, and Midnight Breed.

When you read my book reviews you should be prepared for snarky comments. I based my love on books on how much I relate to a character's actions and how they make my honey pot feel. ;)

Jessica a.k.a. BARBie Girl - I'm a 28 year old stay at home mom of 2. Started reading later in life and have always been a sucker for a good love story. I started out reading Historical Romance before I was introduced to the world of PNR. So unlike some of my sisters here, you may occassionally find me reading a historical and/or contemporary romance. And I'm not opposed to a good YA as well. After all, it was Twilight who popped my Paranormal Cherry, so to speak.

Some of my favorite authors would be J.R. Ward, Jeaniene Frost, Jill Myles, Nalini Singh, Lora Leigh, Judith McNaught, Julie Garwood, Jude Deveraux, Lisa Kleypas, Suzanne Collins and Dan Brown. And for anyone curious as to how I got the nickname "BARBie Girl", all you have to do is read Lover Avenged and/or Tempting The Beast, and your answer lies there. *wink*
As for my book reviews, you may find that I don't have that many, and that is because, well to be honest....I'm perfectly horrible at reviewing books! Couldn't summarize a book to save my life. To solve this problem I've come up with a great solution...I just base my reviews strictly on the HOTNESS of the book/scenes! I know, I know, not very scholarly of me...but hey, isn't that the main reason why we read Romance novels anyway? Or is that just me?

Melissa a.k.a. Blue Angel-
A 31 old from the great lake state of Michigan. I was introduced to the PNR world last year and has loved it ever since. My favorite authors are currently J.R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Nalini Singh and Jeaniene Frost. I am always on the lookout for the next exciting new author. I also enjoy historical and contemporary romance as well as some YA series, especially the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins and Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong. I am always up for new book recommendations! Vampires, shapeshifters, angels, it's all good! :)

Amy a.k.a. Gandy Goddess - When you read Bram Stoker’s Dracula at the age of 15, two things can happen, you get scared of vampires for the rest of your life or you became addict. In my case I became addicted to gothic books such as Mary Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, Elizabeth Kostova and the vampire myth, Anne Rice was my favorite writer for years I still dream on Lestad biting my neck ….

One day by accident I found a book named Acheron on a bookstore and decide to buy it as my holiday reading, what happen after that book was the discovery of a whole new world of amazing writers, like J. R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jeaniene Frost, Nalini Singh, Larissa Ione, .. Who are able to create such magnificent characters, that help me to unwind my mind during the long hours it takes me all day to get to my boring job…..

Danielle a.k.a. Dani-

I am a 23 (almost 24 y/o) college student with very little time to read because of school and my job. I try to read as much as possible, but that is why I chose to only read 50 books this year instead of the 111 that my sisters had decided. I am new to the PNR world as well, I only started reading this genre near the end of 2009, and I started with BDB. I also enjoy historical and contemporary romance as well as some YA series. Immortal Men I love: Rhage, Vishous, Zsadist, John Matthew, Qhuinn, Blay, Kyrian, Talon, Wulf,Vane, Fury, Wren, Rayvn, Sin, ASH, Bones, Spade, Liam, Shade, Wraith, Lore, Zane, Patch, Daniel, Cam, Miles, Mace Brendon, Smitty, Mitch, Dmitri, Bluebell, Raphael, Venom. (yes I know, it's a long list, I like 'em BIG, haha)

So: I enjoy BDB, Dark Hunters, Demonica, Guild Hunters, Succubus, Shifters and Angels

Mary Beth aka Mrs. Gandy

I'm a mom, a wife and a lover of books! Once I read Twilight 3 years ago, I was hooked! I am in love with Rhage and Bones! Love them! I am so blessed to have met this amazing group of women. There is no judgement passed here and we all love our sexy immortals.


  1. You guys are amazing and I'm so glade we all live in the same world, who needs those humans anyway, they have issue's !
    Love you keep up the GREAT work I LOVE it <3

  2. Thank you, Kathy!!! We hope you will like it around here :-)