March 9, 2011


Sooooo.. do you already know Ash? Let´s help your memory!

He was wearing black Oakley sunglasses and a long, pirate-style coat over a black Misfits T-shirt. That being said, Johnny Depp has nothing on this man when it came to sheer sex appeal. Acheron oozed it from every pore.

Polite. Deadly. Gorgeous. Respectful. Sexy beyond human endurance. Oh, someone put a bow on this man, she definitely wanted to take him home.

(Dream Chaser, Sherrilyn Kenyon)

Wearing a black tank top, he had the best set of arms she'd ever seen. Tanned and gorgeous, every muscle was honed to perfection ... and it wasn't just his arms. The sweat from his hammering made the shirt cling to a muscled back that had been custom made for licking.

(Acheron, Sherrilyn Kenyon)

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