March 9, 2011



Real name: Acheron Parthenopaeus
Nickname: Ash, Akri, T-Rex, Achimou
Pronunciation: Ack-uh-rohn Par-thin-OH-PAY-us
Designation: Dark-Hunter/Atlantean god/harbinger of destruction/godslayer /Chthonian
Date of Birth: 9548 BC
Height: 6' 8
Hair Color: Blond, but usually any color other than blond
Motto: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
Best Friend: Simi
Worst Enemy: Stryker

10 things about Ash (in his own words):

1. Unless you're Talon, don't call me T-Rex.
2. Ambiguity is your friend.
3. I don't do guns, but then I don't need them to kick your ass.
4. I've been around forever. Literally.
5. I don't like cell phones.
6. Manga and anime are my art forms of choice.
7. In spite of what Simi thinks, no is not my favorite word.
8. Blond hair gives me hives.
9. I like change. It keeps me young.
10. Demons are a guys best friend... and his worst enemy.


Disclaimer: every copyright connected to Acheron belongs to Sherrilyn Kenyon,

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