March 7, 2011

For all fans of Darynda Jones :-)

If you love Darynda Jones and her book First Grave on the Right as much as I do (you can find my review further down on this blog), you´ll be excited to hear that Mrs Jones has given us something goooood! A free short story that will hold you over until Second Grave on the Left.

The story is called For I Have Sinned and it is great!

This time we see the events from the other side (pun intended), from the point of view of a young woman who just died and meets Charley. The story is again funny and easy to read and we meet Reyes!!!! If not for any other reason, it is soooo worth reading only for him!! Haven´t you read First Grave on the Right and you don´t know Reyes? Let me introduce..

He leaned against the doorjamb, arms crossed over a wide chest, a breathtaking grin tilting one corner of his mouth. But he was different. Dark. Fierce. The air around him seemed to stir as though he were turbulence itself. And he seemed to be made only partially of flesh and blood. The rest of him was smoke and shadows, and the mere sight of him, the magnificence of him, weakened my knees.

~ Simply put, he was stunning. Thick black hair. Full mouth. Piercingly dark eyes with long, inky lashes. And quite possibly the most devilish grin I’d ever seen.

I finished the short story in no time and the only thing I didn´t like is that it is.. well, too short! And trust me, you´ll want more!!

Just as a reminder (I am sure all of you who have read the first book already know this), book 2 comes out on August 16th. Don´t forget to write down the date of Reyes´s return!!!!

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