March 7, 2011

REVIEW: How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Title: How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire
Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
Series: Love at Stake (book 1)
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by: Sonia

I loved this book from the beginning. The writing style is exactly the right combination of enough dialogues (what I like), good characters and most especially humor. Humor is what made me fall in love with this book from the first page.

Roman Draganesti is a 500-hundred old vampire who is the head of one of 4 world´s biggest vampire covens and also owns a multi-million dollar company that produces artificial blood. For humans, he is a hero who saved millions of human lives with his artificial blood and for the secret society of vampires he is the one who made most of the vampires to stop drinking blood from humans. But there is other group who wants to keep the old tradition and refuse to drink anything else than fresh tasty blood from a warm human being.

The hilarious part of the book starts from the beginning when Roman breaks his fang when he tries to bite a sexdoll. Yup, sexdoll. But it´s not quite as it seems :-) Anyway he needs a dentist who would put his fang back and he has only couple of hours to find one because when the sun goes up and he falls asleep, his body will heal the wound and he will forever be a one-fanged vampire. But appearently there is no vampire dentist so he has to find a mortal one.

The only dentist that works during the night is Shanna. She is living her life under false name as part of the FBI witness protection program. And appearently this night is exactly the night when her enemies find her and try to kill her. After Roman rescues her, he takes her with him and tries to convince her to put his fang back. But what a shock for him when he discovers that she is the first person in 500 years who is able to resist his mesmerizing. And she really refuses to put what she thinks is a wolf fang to his mouth.

Roman and Shanna are great for each other. She is funny and optimistic under all circumstances and she is exactly what a depressed vampire who gave up everything good in his life needs. And if you love men in kilts, you will love this book because Roman has an entire security team of them :-) I really loved Connor, I hope he gets his own book!

One of my favourite scenes is when Shanna finally lets Roman enter her mind and he can hypnotize her to put his fang back. But the unexpected thing is that under his hypnosion she is also able to read his mind and he surely has other things on his mind that teeth :-)

"Do you want me to implant your tooth now?" She tilted her head, frowning a bit. "Or shall we have oral sex?"
Roman stared at Shanna. Good God. Not only had she read him like a book, but she was apparently willing to have sex with him. Amazing.
"Sir!" Laszlo's voice rose an octave. He twirled a button with his fingers. "There isn't enough time for—for two treatments. You must decide between your—your tooth or your…" With a grimace, he glanced at Roman's swollen jeans.
My fang or my yang? The latter strained against his zipper, as if it wanted to leap out and shoot its mouth off. Pick me, pick me!

As I said, the humor in this book is great. At least in the first half.

But there were also some things that bothered me. First, the using of expression „God´s Blood!“ on every page, over and over and over again. I also didn´t like that the author decided to go with ALL the vampire myths from garlic, silver, crosses to invisibility in the mirror and sleeping in coffins but mostly the whole catholic background, vampires being considered as demons from Satan who will go to hell and all that. The humor was much less seen in the second half of the book what I consider the greatest loss.

So with everything said, I have really mixed feelings how to rate this book. The first half of it I would rate between 4 and 5 stars but the second half would be 3 stars only. But because I really loved the humor in the first part, I give this book weaker 4 stars.

MY RATING: weaker ****

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