March 24, 2011

Celebrate Women!!!

A lot of read romance in general, because of the men and their unique personalities and attributes. I know I do! ;-) Today, I thought it would be fun to celebrate the women of fiction! Who is your favorite heroine and why? Be creative and find lesser known female leads and, if you want, include a book title and/or author so that others can discover these amazing women!

Posted by: Melissa


  1. Female Lead: Callie
    Title: Nine Rules to Break
    Author: Sarah MacLean

    I have a few women of the paranormal world that I could picture hanging out with or go out for a night out on the town, but I thought I would challenge myself with a historical romance female leading lady. And that lady is Callie. I adore her sense of mischief, bravery, and adventure. She has a fiery spirit along with a spit-fire personality, but she also has a sense a family loyalty that is very admirable, too! :)

  2. I would say definitely Cat from Night Huntress serie. She is strong, loyal, independent, funny with a sarcastic sense of humor..

  3. Riley Jensen is a kick-ass chick (author Keri Arthur). Riley has been beaten down but she always rolls with the punches, rises and tries to better herself and the world.

    I'm hoping we can add Payne from the Black Dagger Brotherhood to this list. Come on 3/29.