March 6, 2011

Review: Lyon (Lords of Satyr #3)

Title: Lyon (Lords of Satyr #3)
Author: Elizabeth Amber
Series: Lords of Satyr
Genre: Paranormal/Multi-Equipped Men

Reviewed by: Vhampy

This is the third book in the Lords of Satyr series. If you have not read the first books in this series (Nicholas and Raine), don't start with this book. You will be confused.

The Lords of Satyr are a group of brothers that live in the human world but also have "magical" powers that allow them to interact with beings of Elseworld. Elseworld contains all types of beings we are accustomed too: fairies, mermaids, centaurs, etc.

This book focuses on the third brother Lyon. I had high expectations for him because in the first too books Lyon appeared to be the "fun" one that had a voracious appetite for the ladies and would be able to pleasure them for days on end. Well...guess who should not have gone into this book with high expectations? What a thud. Sure there were some sexual situations but no hot monkey sex. By the way...I guess I should mention at this point why the Lords of Satyr are multi-equipped men. Here is what makes these men magical: once a month they sprout an extra penis. Yes, my friends. Two penises that require dual entrances into the ladies. Put those ingredients in your pot and let it simmer.

Now back to the book. There were some surprises but overall I was bored. I'm going to place blame on the main female character. Snooze. Snooze. Snooze. I still can't figure out why Lyon likes her. They don't seem like a good fit for each other. Maybe their connection will make more sense in the other Satyr books.

My rating: ***

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